Searches for patents, trademarks and more

We offer you a wide spectrum of search services to assist your business development.

This service comprises patent landscaping, a method for compiling patent data on a specific technology in an informative visual presentation. We analyze complex issues specific to our clients without losing sight of the big picture.

We also offer on-going patent-monitoring services. This makes it possible to discern early trends in certain technologies, to observe competitors’ technology activities and to detect problematic competitor IP early in the game.

And of course we provide prior art searches in preparation for patent applications or for challenging third-party patents in opposition or revocation proceedings.

Freedom-to-operate searches and extensive trademark searches are basic facets of our core competencies. These searches provide insight into any third-party industrial property rights that could impede product development, manufacture or market introduction. This is an efficient way for companies to avoid the unnecessary expense of superfluous product development. Our knowledge and experience can guide you in making the right decision.

Search services:

  • Worldwide patent landscaping
  • Prior art searches
  • Patent monitoring
  • Patent family searches and status reporting
  • Freedom to operate (FTO)
  • Trademark searches (worldwide)
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